April 19, 2022

Dear Friends. It comes to this awkward time for me to raise our prices at the kennel. I struggled on figuring out how I’m going to do it most fairly for those who have already made reservations

So for all the reservations that are already on my calendar for the rest of this year the prices will stay the same. Any new reservations made after May 1 will pay the new price of $20 for the pen 1st dog, $18 for the 2nd and $15 for the 3rd dog per kennel. Day care will be $15 per dog from 7am-7pm.

*If your crew needs split apart, say you have 4 dogs and we put two in two pens, it starts over at $20 for another pen. We keep families next to each other but if they can’t share food and need separated for that, then two pens are necessary.

(Last price increase was May 2018)

We love our jobs and we really aren’t in our business for the money, it’s for the Love. Doing what we love and getting to live here. And to interact with all our amazing customers who become friends. We are super grateful for you all.


APRIL 10, 2018

Dear Serenity Boarding and Stables Customers,

We want to thank you for your business in the past and in the future.  We truly love our business of caring for your animals and we intend to give them the best loving atmosphere as possible while away from home.

We have a couple of notices to share with you.

  • We are letting everyone know you and your pets safety are very important to us while here at Serenity. We are making some changes to the kennel exterior for ease of drop off and pick up.  We will be installing a waiting room where we can do dog exchange in more peace and quiet, and lessen the stress on your pets during the transition.  We’ve had some strong excited dogs pull down their owners in the past, and hopefully this will eliminate that scenario.
  • There is a canine flu spreading across the U.S. that is very similar to Kennel Cough. Like kennel cough it is highly contagious and some dogs can be carriers and not show symptoms for up to 20+ days.  It is prevalent in the south, and there were cases seen in MT last year.  There are flu vaccines for this called H3N8 and H3N2.  We suggest you talk to your vet about these vaccines.  At this time we will not require this vaccine for dogs unless they’ve been out of state or around dogs from other states.  The area vets know about this and are starting to have the vaccine on hand.
  • Please bring current vaccine records with you or send us a picture via email or text pic. Boardetella (kennel cough) is our main concern to stay current.
  • After 5 years in business we are raising our prices for the first time. Only $1 per pet.  Starting May 1st the new price ranges will be as follows: First dog $18 per day.  Second dog $16 per day.  Third and any other dog after is $11 if all sharing the same pen.
  • Lastly we are excited to announce we will be expanding again! 2 years ago we doubled in size and we still have to turn folks away during holidays and random busy times. Also please note this Thanksgiving and Christmas season we will be trying out the deposit system with a new fangled credit card machine.  😊

Again, thank you for trusting us with the care of your dogs and horses.  You and your pets mean very much to us.  We love to serve you.


Suzi and Mitch<<<<<<<


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