Dog Rates



New Rates beginning May 1st, 2018

1st dog – $18 per day

2nd dog – $16 per day

3rd dog – $11 per day


While your away feel rested in knowing your dog is in a safe and loving environment, under the care of Suzi Richards-Shelhamer, former Pet Nanny of Worland.

  • Dogs get their own indoor outdoor kennel with an easy to learn doggy door keeping the weather out.
  • The building is heated in the winter and AC in the summer. We have gentle music playing and lavender oil diffusing to calm their souls.  Also a rock salt lamp emitting negative ions to also relieve stress.
  • Each kennel has an outdoor run, and the dogs are let out into the play area every 2 – 3 hours during the day.
  • Only families of dogs are let out together. Never strange dogs together.
  • Please you bring your own food to keep their stomachs calm.
  • Feel free to bring your dogs own bed and toys to make them feel even more at home.


All dogs must have Kennel Cough vaccine (orally) at least 4 days prior to staying at Serenity, and all core vaccines current and up to date.  Please bring a copy of your vet records for us to keep on hand. 

If your dog has traveled extensively and has been exposed to other dogs recently such as dog parks, veterinarian stays etc, we HIGHLY recommend you get your dog Bivalent Vaccine for a serious canine flu going around MT, and other states in the south.  

NO STUD DOGS, (intact males).  They do not like being boarded and create a lot of anxiety in the kennel and extra work with continual marking inside.

Horse Rates

IMG_6340Over Night Horse Hotel

$10 per horse. We supply the feed

MONTHLY HORSE RATES.                        We supply the feed – $200p/month

Your horses couldn’t be in better hands than with Mitch Shelhamer, renowned and knowledgeable farrier of the Basin and 3rd generation horseman. Arena and round pen available for your use as well.

Trim $45
Shoeing $95


One response to “Rates

  1. Roxine Bullard

    January 26, 2014 at 1:12 am

    Congratulations on your new endeavor, Suzi. You are so good with animals; I’m sure that you will do well.


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